Seagate PCB Matching Guide:

Swap Seagate PCBIn order to find a matching Seagate hard drive circuit board, we need to ensure that the donor circuit board has the same "Board Number" as your original circuit board. The board number of the Seagate circuit board starts with "100******", usually on the back of the board (the side without the chips), There may be several versions: REV A, REV B, REV C, REV D, REV E, etc. They can be used universally.

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If you find the correct "Board Number" of your Seagate circuit board, you can use the board number to search in our website's search box, please fill in the correct board number.

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If you need help, you can send us an email Attach the clear pictures of your circuit board in the attachment (both on the front and back), and we will provide you professional help.

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