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WD WD8088AADS Festplatte Platine 2060-701640-002
  • WD WD8088AADS Festplatte Platine 2060-701640-002

WD WD8088AADS PCB 2060-701640-002


100% tested working before shipment.
Used as a donor board for hard drive pcb swapping.

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PCB Details:

  • PCB Number: 2060-701640-002;
  • For HDD: WD8088AADS Western Digital 808.8GB SATA 3.5" Hard Drive;
  • Version: REV A, REV B, REV P1, REV P2 (Compatible);

Western Digital WD8088AADS desktop 3.5" hard disk drive with a storage capacity of 808.8GB and featuring a SATA interface.

The "hard drive pcb" is also called "hard drive circuit board", "hard drive controller board", "hard drive logic board" or simple "hard drive board".

Some incorrect hard disk operation may cause PCB damage, such as "power surge", connect the hard drive case to wrong power supply, etc.

Hard Drive PCB Failure Symptoms:

  • No power, No Spin, No Sound;
  • Burning smel;
  • PCB is extremely hot;
  • Hard drive makes Clicking sound, never stop (Clicking and stop may not be board issue);
  • There is obvious damage on the PCB board;
  • The hard drive does not spin up (the hard drive never fell or was shaken), either no sound or can hear a quiet tickling sound;

Western Digital PCB Matching Guide:

The "Board Number" must be the same as your original board. After getting the replacement board, you also need to replace the "BIOS Chip" from your original board to this donor board. Swap Hard Drive PCB

Please note that replacing pcb boards can fix hard drives with ONLY circuit board problems. You should be very positive the PCB is dead.

T6/T8 Screwdriver

Used to unscrew the PCB from the hard disk, you can order it here: T6/T8 Screwdriver

Contact US:

If you need help, you can send us an email sales@harddrivepcb.com. Attach the clear pictures of your circuit board in the attachment (both on the front and back), and we will provide you professional help.

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